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New Urban Arts

Resource Information

705 Westminster Street

Providence, RI 02903

About New Urban Arts

Community of high school students and adult mentors, offering free youth art programs that provide after-school snacks, free bus passes, tutoring, and homework help.

New Urban Arts (NUA) is a welcoming community of high school students and adult mentors in Providence sharing space, skills, and resources to inspire creative expression.

NUA’s student-led approach to learning enables young people to discover their power and develop agency. NUA is a haven from the many pressures and systemic inequities young people navigate daily. Founded by artists in 1997, we are located in Providence on occupied Pokanoket, Wampanoag, and Narragansett land.

We believe that when we engage in relationships and environments that make us feel safe to be and become ourselves, our creativity and well-being flourish. By relaxing, making, teaching, and learning in community with each other, we expand our sense of what’s possible. Website is available in Spanish- menu option.