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Rhode Island Latino Arts

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La Galería del Pueblo

Central Falls, RI 02863

About Rhode Island Latino Arts

Community organization that promotes, encourages and preserves the art, history, heritage and cultures of Latinos in Rhode Island. Offers community events, resources, workshops, and classes.

Rhode Island Latino Arts was founded in 1988 as the Hispanic Heritage Committee and today is Rhode Island’s leading nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to the promotion, advancement, development and cultivation of Latino arts.

We celebrate and promote Latino art & artists through our Rhode Island Latino Artists Network events, and each year we coordinate the sharing of information and activities to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Through strategic partnering with local community organizations, including schools, libraries, museums and senior centers in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of our urban centers – we ensure our mission’s fulfillment: To raise awareness and preserve Latino arts, heritage and cultures in Rhode Island and to build community pride.