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Rhode Island Housing Help Center

Resource Information

The CIC Providence

Providence, RI 02903

About Rhode Island Housing Help Center

Resources if you are facing eviction from or foreclosure on your home.

The Rhode Island Coalition to End Homelessness works collaboratively with advocates, providers, and faith-based organizations to create and advance lasting solutions to prevent and end homelessness. Notably, the Coalition, alongside advocates and constituents, lobbied and successfully passed the country’s first Homeless Bill of Rights in June of 2012. Day to day the Coalition runs lead on the state’s Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and the permanent housing placement end of the Coordinated Entry System (CES) as well as the call center (available 365 days). We organize legal clinics for constituents, facilitates training sessions, and cohere advocates. Website is available in English only, but phone and chat services are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese & Haitian Creole.