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Butler Patient Assessment Services (PAS)

Resource Information

​​345 Blackstone Boulevard

Providence, RI 02906

About Butler Patient Assessment Services (PAS)

A mental health assessment service, open 24/7, that can help to identify and understand the mental health challenges patients are facing.

Butler’s Patient Assessment Services (PAS) Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will work with you to begin to identify and understand the psychological, psychiatric, or emotional challenges you’re facing. They offer a comprehensive psychiatric assessment designed to provide an evaluation and inform your treatment.

Family involvement is essential to ongoing support and recovery, and thus a primary consideration in all treatment models at Butler. They value input from your support system and will include them to the extent that it is appropriate.

If possible, please call ahead before arriving. Website available in multiple languages. Phone number can triage patients for level of care needed.