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CAP Youth Employment Program

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518 Hartford Avenue

Providence, RI 02909

About CAP Youth Employment Program

Six week summer program for ages 14-24 that offers entry level job positions, career trainings, and certifications.

The key purpose of the Youth Employment Program at CAPP is to provide Providence youth with a summer-long adventure that is more than just a job! We offer workshops, on-the-job readiness, career exploration, financial literacy, and opportunities to continue educational and social growth. We engage the unique talents and interests of the youth, developing their skills and competencies by providing them with positive adult role models and lessons about how to obtain and maintain employment. At CAPP, they learn to turn any job into an investment of time and effort into their future.

Participants learn how to dress for an interview, conduct themselves professionally, honor time commitments and how to maximize on transferable skills.

This program provides six weeks of entry-level work experience to youth between the ages of 14 to 24. Prospective applicants must meet other eligibility requirements and are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Selected participants work in variety of entry-level positions at community-based organizations and government agencies. Some placement examples include: assisting with clerical duties in local hospitals and libraries, serving lunch at a senior center, helping children at a daycare center, helping with clean up at local parks, & custodial assistant at museums. Trainings may include CPR certification, ServSafe certification, STEM, and more.