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Progreso Excellence Academy

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626 Broad Street

Central Falls, RI 02863

About Progreso Excellence Academy

Bilingual preschool and after school programs.

The Progreso Excellence Academy (PEA) preschool is the only bilingual preschool program in Rhode Island.

Your child will benefit from a three-year curriculum that encompasses:

1. Toddlers

2. Early Preschool (ages 3)

3. Preschool (ages 3-4)

4. Pre-Kindergarten (age 4)

Throughout the three-year preschool curriculum your child will acquire a wide spectrum of developmental skills necessary to successfully enter kindergarten eager and to become a successful lifetime learner preschool instructors are certified. Progreso Latino is more committed than ever to help build the educational foundation of our Rhode Island’s future.

The Before & After School Program PEA provides transportation to students who need the service to go to their school, and also to pick them up from each individual school. During the After-School Program, youth mentors help students with their homework and/or provide them with additional work to help them advance on skills taught in school. Website is available in multiple languages- choose “Select language” at upper right of page.

Call us at (401) 603-7098 or (401) 728-5920 Ext. 126 or Ext. 176