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Rhode Island Free Clinic

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655 Broad Street

Providence, RI 02907

About Rhode Island Free Clinic

Mobilizing vital health resources statewide to treat Rhode Island’s uninsured, low-income adults – and providing patients with the most efficient and cost effective alternative to expensive emergency room and urgent care visits all in one setting.

Rhode Island Free Clinic’s growth over 25 years is a testament not only to a critical need in our community, but also to the incredible strength of our community. Many hard working adults lack access to health care or have no insurance in Rhode Island, despite recent advances in coverage protections. Across our state, over 45,000 Rhode Islanders still remain ineligible for healthcare benefits or cannot afford access. Clinic volunteers provide a vital safety net for those who fall in the coverage gap, from hospitality and grocery store workers to landscapers and caregivers across the state. Website is available in Spanish- choose “Español” in upper right.